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Shine On! Programs

Watch to hear how our programs are helping children, families, hospitals and communities help in their fight against cancer in hospitals across Japan.


Current Programs


FDmain Facility Dog
Improves treatment outcome and children’s approach to medical treatment through Japan’s first, full-time Animal Assisted Therapy program at a children’s hospital.
Edit_120914_BOC_ChibaUniversityHospital_155 Beads of Courage®
Decreases illness-related distress, increases positive coping strategies and enables children to find meaning in illness through a creative program involving colorful beads corresponding to each aspect of cancer treatment.
TBOC_2013_ChikaraCrossfit Team Beads of Courage
Offers athletes and anyone choosing to embark on a challenge the opportunity to participate in the very powerful Team Beads of Courage program whereby a very special bead is carried during a race, climb, or other event, then given to a child when they most need a boost of encouragement.

Completed Programs


    • Shine On! House: provides a complete support facility for families of children with cancer.


    • Shine On! Clinic: provides both a long-term follow-up clinic to support childhood cancer survivors as well as daily outpatient clinic support center for current pediatric cancer patients at the hospital.


    • Shine On! Tohoku Children’s Support Program: provides physical and emotional support to pediatric patients and their families as well as children in the affected communities who need extra psychological encouragement and support.



    • Japan Pediatric Leukemia Study Group Support Program: supported a specific pediatric leukemia research project which could not otherwise be funded.



  • Shine On! Pediatric Oncology Medical Support Program: improves the quality of patient care by adding a top-level pediatric oncologist to a hospital’s pediatric oncology/hematology team.
  • Counseling and Support
    Maximizes quality of life for pediatric oncology patients and their families throughout the entire cancer treatment process by placing clinical psychologists in pediatric cancer wards.